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Development of phase 13 of South Pars

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    south pars

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    south pars manager

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    Phase 13 development

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    100,000,000 tomen

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The contract for the development of phase 13 of the South Pars gas field has been concluded between “Pars Oil and Gas Company” as the employer and a consortium consisting of Iranian Petro Sustainable Companies, Mapna and Sadra. Mapna’s scope of work in this project includes the construction of utility and processing units, which includes the following:

Unit (106): Gas compression package
Unit (108): Sulfur recycling and granulation
Unit (111): Propane refrigeration
Unit (120): Emergency power generation and distribution system
Unit (121): Production and distribution of steam
Unit (123): Supply and distribution of service air and instrumentation
Unit (124): Nitrogen production and storage
Unit (126): Seawater desalination
Unit (127): Damin water production
Unit (128): Drinking water supply
Unit (129): Water and wastewater treatment
Unit (130): Fire water supply
Unit (131): Diesel system
Unit (132): Cooling water
Unit (144): Solidification and storage of sulfur
Unit (146): Chemicals and Propane
Unit (160): Communication pipe lines
Unit (163): Fire building

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South Pars Gas Development Project Phase 13 is the most Iranian phase of South Pars, which began in 2010 and will be fully operational by the end of 1397.
With the launch of Phase 13 of South Pars, the supply of gas required by the country from South Pars gas refineries will increase from 70 to 85%.


south Pars

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