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Commencement of overhaul of Tehran refinery
8 تیر 1400

Commencement of overhaul of Tehran refinery

The most important measures of this stage of overhaul can be replacing the packing of a number of substations of towers 151 and 102, replacing 50% of the body and roof of furnace 101 (which is the critical path of these overhauls), replacing the sample tube in the radiation section and moving the furnaces. 101, 151 and 102 mentioned the replacement of the V-152 container, the modernization of the water cooling path north and west of the unit, the installation of a new E-615 converter and the repair of 75 heat exchangers in the distillation unit.

Also, performing 200 operational agendas in addition to the request and technical inspection agendas under the supervision of technical and engineering services and operation engineers can be considered as other important measures of these overhauls.

The distillation unit is responsible for refining 125,000 barrels of crude oil per day to continue the refining activities of downstream units, whose products include LPG, light and heavy gasoline, naphtha, kerosene and diesel, atmospheric fuel, isomax unit feed, lubrication feed and The vacuum is a baton.

Major repairs of the distillation unit of Tehran Oil Refining Company used to be done once every three years, but now due to updating its technical and refinery equipment, it is done once every four years.

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