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Two important priorities in developing
8 تیر 1400

Two important priorities in developing

In these election days, when the slogans of the candidates are generally expressed in general and without a precise plan, one of the solutions that can be effective in knowing the exact program of the candidates is to know the priorities of the candidates after being elected to the presidency. That is, it is necessary to know what the candidate will prioritize a month or even a week after being elected.

Given that one of the main points emphasized by most of the candidates is and is the issue of neutralization of sanctions, their plans and priorities for achieving this must be clearly stated. It is natural that if someone is generally opposed to the concept of relying on internal capacity to neutralize sanctions, according to the Supreme Leader in his recent meeting with students, he is not worthy of ruling the people.

One of the most important sanctions that has become a bottleneck in the budget and livelihood of the people during these years was the oil sanctions. Obviously, one can feel the difference in the living standards of the people in the years when oil revenues increased or decreased. The chart below shows that the country’s revenues from oil exports have fallen by $ 27.2 billion since 1997, when Iran’s economic sanctions were re-imposed.

In this case, it can be hoped that all the difficulties in presenting solutions and difficult typing conditions will end and the required time, including typing the main achievements and answering the continuous questions of the existing world of design, will be used basically.

Although circumventing sanctions is one of the ways to save Iran’s economy, it is a misconception to think that this is a sustainable and secure way to grow and develop the economy. Iran’s successful experience in discussing the neutralization of the gasoline embargo shows that it is possible to counter the sanctions by relying on domestic capacities.

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